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About Call For Price ‑ Hide Price

Hide Price and Set Custom Text : Hide prices and "Add To Cart" button by adding a "Call For Price" button over. Set custom text on button and show a product without a price.

Customized Hide Price Form : Easy & quick request product price form for customer to ask for the product price. Generate leads & product inquiry. Call for price, Quote.

WhatsApp & Email Alert : Both side (Admin & Customer) email & WhatsApp notification alert on product price request Increase conversion rate through hide price button

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How Call for Price & Hide Price app help to generate leads and sales?

The Call for Price app hides product price & adds a "Request a Quote" or your desired text on a button instead of directly showing the product price.

Who can use Call for Price and Hide Prices?

It's a very convenient industry where the product is in volume, length, weight, and area. Industries from metal, Chemical, Construction, mechanical, electrical, Oil and Gas, Textile, equipment manufacturing, and many more can use it based on their needs.


  • Displaying the CTA button with a phone calling option
  • Display the Notify me inquiry button with the contact form
  • Apply based on all/specific products and collections.
  • Add custom labels on the contact form and select themes (Dark & Light)
  • Admins can customize their replies from the backend
  • Allows Google reCAPTCHA from avoiding spam bots on your website

Why merchant should use the Call for Price - Hide Price app for products?

  • The phone call facility allows users to communicate directly with you
  • Through a price inquiry form, you got detailed information about your customers' needs
  • Access all request quote in the "Inquiry List" section of the backend
  • Get notification via email whenever a customer makes a new request.
  • Hide the product price for specific or all products
  • It works as a mediator between customer and merchant
  • Google reCAPTCHA service that protects your site from spam and abuse bots to damage it.

The Call for Price also helps to increase the checkout rate as it easily embeds and customizes on the product page.

How the Call for Price - Hide Price app helps to grow your store

  • Satisfies customers' need to build products that fit their exact needs
  • Direct communication facility with the customers
  • Increase your margins of all or specific products
  • Display Request quote to generate inquiry
  • Reduce customer support service
  • Save customer information directly to the Mailchimp database
  • Increase conversion rate

Compatible with all free Themes + most common paid themes like;

  • Warehouse
  • Grid
  • Impulse
  • Prestige

Note: In case you face theme compatibility issues with our app, please contact our support team. We won't only make it compatible with your theme but also confirm its smooth working or not.

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