Shopify App : Calculated Prices

Product conditional price parameters, text inputs and uploads

About Calculated Prices

Unlimited price parameters : If you sell textile or furniture you can include all parameters your final product price depends on and sell it immediately to the customer.

Unlimited calculation : If adding value or percent does not satisfy your final calculation you can virtually write a function to do any complex calculation.

Offers common GUI elements : Color picker, range slider... If you are in the printing business there is a google drive file upload and even an image designer available.


Calculated Prices App by Holest Engineering

What can you do with this app?

  • Set your custom price formula of any complexity for any of the products
  • Add additional price parameters to the product page (drop-down, checkbox, radio, slider, numeric input, or combination of two for tabular source)
  • Make these parameters conditional and define their display order
  • In the formula you have access to a product/variant properties, additional parameters values, customer tags, the client country, and the date and time
  • Add conditional file uploads for the product orders
  • Add conditional text inputs for the product orders
  • Add conditional designs for the product orders
  • Import/Export product setups (XLSX/ODS/OTD)

Idea background

Every serious business has a need for the sophisticated pricing policy. Also, some specific product has a variety of properties that the customer needs to choose in order of getting the right thing for them in a fully automated way.

Shopify has a very efficient way of deferring the product by its variants but in some cases, you need something a bit different. For example, if you have some optional feature for a product that increases its price you can just create more variants of a product with it included. This is very straightforward, but in some cases, you may be unable to do this because of a 100 variant limit. In some cases for certain kinds of products, this can be unpractical.

File uploads

As naturally imposed and commonly needed things along with these kinds of features are file uploads and custom text inputs. When a product is highly customizable usually there are options to upload some kind of design, or logo and specify some text to be put on the product or way of crafting. That's why we also added the ability of uploads and the text inputs that are in conjunction with the price modifying parameters. Uploads destination is the Google drive and that gives you further freedom of implementation.

Common use cases

Price changes imposed by year and period or currency fluctuations can sometimes become a harsh burden for you. For example, Black Friday lasts for a couple of days. It requires you to do homework twice. You first lower all prices and when it passes you need to return them back. With this app, it is enough to declare the shop-wide multiplier and all your prices in the front-end will modify instantly. When the low-price period passes it is enough to reset this multiplier to 1.

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April 06, 2018
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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