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Bulk update prices so free shipping ≠ low margins

About Bullship Free Shipping Pricer

Capture more eyes : Shoppers choose to shop online BECAUSE of free shipping, so why not offer free shipping on every order?

Convert carts to checkouts : Most abandoned carts result from unexpected shipping charges. Now, with one click and no math you can offer free shipping to every customer!

Do it all without lost margins : Have you ever wondered, "How much more will I sell if I charged nothing for shipping?" Bullship will help you solve the riddle!

A/B Test Your Shipping Strategy in Minutes!

Stop losing customers to costly shipping fees!

With BullShip you can bake in your shipping cost so shipping always looks free. Instantly bulk update the product prices of all your products and variants based on automatic shipping cost calculations. 9 out of 10 abandoned carts are the result of unexpected shipping costs so why are you still charging your customers?

With one click you can:

  1. Set new product prices across all products

  2. Keep your margins the same (or increase / decrease however you wish)

  3. Auto backup all of your pricing and order data

  4. Exempt certain products from price increases

For merchants who have always wanted to test out free shipping but were unsure how to execute BullShip helps you ship free without any data maintenance, accounting errors, or wasted time.

Questions? Email us at any time or live chat on our website to the right, we're based on the East Coast of the United States and are here to help.

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October 13, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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