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Apply Profit Margins to Products in your Store in One Click

Bulk Product Profit Calculator

Apply profits to all the products in your Shopify store in bulk!

Managing an e-commerce store is hard. Especially when you cannot decide how much profit markups you need to add on the products so that you could stay profitable while keeping the products inexpensive for your customers. But worry not, with our Bulk Product Profit Calculator app, you can set favorable profit margins on all the products in your store in one click. With our app, you get:

Advanced Profit Calculation

The Bulk Product Profit Calculator app quickly reads the prices of all your products to determine the best possible markup to add on each one of them and evenly spreads the profits from low-cost to high-cost items based on the items' selling prices.

Set a Minimum & Maximum Profit Range

Want to define and be in control of the profits that would be applied to your products? Select a minimum and maximum profit markup price that you would like the app to apply onto your products. The app will then choose price markups from the prices between the ones that you set.

New Prices with Profits Automatically Apply to All Products in your Store

Forget about editing the price of each product manually. Our app will automatically apply the prices with profits included to all the products instantly, without you having to touch the edit button.

So, now run an e-commerce business without having to worry about your profits and getting upset customers due to unfair prices. A win-win for everybody!

  • Pre-requisites: all products must have a base price set to them.
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September 27, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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