Shopify App : Bucephalus Inventory Alerts

Gets alerts for understocked and overstocked inventory

About Bucephalus Inventory Alerts

See your future sales & demand : Our advanced AI forecasts are built using the same tech Amazon uses. Bucephalus will give you clear insight into your past and future.

Know how much inventory to buy : Using Bucephalus' advanced AI and simulation tools, receive recommendations of exactly how much inventory to buy, when, where to it

Customizable & Collaborative : Customize and collaborate with Bucephalus using user set thresholds and overrides. Want to change what "understock" means? No problem!

Advanced Demand Forecasts!

Using Bucephalus Inventory Alerts

Bucephalus Inventory Alerts allows you to set alerts when your product is understocked and overstocked:

  1. Under the 'Stock Alerts' panel, select the Product and Variant SKU
  2. Set the thresholds by modifying the UNDERSTOCK and OVERSTOCK values
  3. Alerts will appear on the right panel under 'Alerts'


  1. A historical record of your inventory over time. Gain insights into your inventory over a specified date range.
  2. Customize thresholds by setting understock and overstock limits
  3. Summary statistics for your understocked, overstocked, and out-of-stock items
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June 29, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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