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Match Your Emails to Your Website

About BrandedEmail

Beautiful & Unique Emails : Make your emails stand out with a beautiful design dedicated to your brand.

Great Customer Experience : Deliver a seamless experience through emails that match your website perfectly.

Simple, Easy & Fast : Just add this app to your store. A.I. will then do all the work for you.

Match Your Emails to Your Website

Branded Emails, The Same Beautiful as Your Web Site

If you've worked hard to make your web site look beautiful and professional, you should do the same for your emails. After all, emails are an integral part of the shopping experience for most, if not all, customers.

BrandedEmail app creates a new design for Shopify email notifications based on your web site and dedicated to your brand. Your emails will look as beautiful as your web site, standing out in the customers' inboxes and yielding more opens, reads and clicks.

The design matches your web site perfectly so that customers know the emails are from you, instead of spammers or competitors, at first glance. Customers enjoy a seamless experience when they switch between your web site and their inboxes back and forth.

They will trust your brand more and keep coming back for more.

How It Works

Just add this app to your store, A.I. will then visit your web site and design a new set of email templates for you. It takes just a few seconds. You can then preview the emails, download the templates, and update your Shopify email notifications by copying/pasting the codes.

BrandedEmail doesn't send out any emails. All the emails are still sent by Shopify so you don't need to worry about duplicate emails.

It doesn't modify your store so it never spoil your web site or slow it down. It even doesn't change any contents or functions of your Shopify emails. You can be assured nothing would go wrong with BrandedEmail.

It hosts the images included with email templates so you don't need to download/upload the image files.

What If My Theme Changes In the Future?

You can request a new set of email templates whenever you change or modify the theme. When a holiday is approaching, you often apply the corresponding holiday theme to your web site and now you can do the same for emails.

What Does My Branded Email Design Look Like?

Add this app and see it for yourself!

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Launch date
April 20, 2022

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