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Turning your consumers into brand ambassadors

About Spitche: Brand Ambassadors

Identify : Identify the most top-consumers within your community of customers, prospects, followers and fans. Collect ambassadors' information & data.

Engage : Gamify your brand ambassadors journey & reward them for social media actions. Build an army of engaged consumers ready to grow your brand.

Leverage : The data collected from the ambassadors’ engagement allows you to optimize your e-commerce strategy and launch nano-influence campaigns.

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Why use Spitche Brand Ambassadors software?

Turn your consumers into loyal brand ambassadors

Identify the most engaged consumers within your community, track their online behavior and engagement, and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors. Get their data, segment them between prospects and customers and connect with their social media profiles. Once identified, turn them into loyal social media ambassadors.

Increase your social media organic reach and engagement

By rewarding your community everytime they engage with your brand posts or create unique content for you, you will increase your brand’s social media performances organically.

Increase and Collect User-Generated Content

Collect social proof from your consumers.. Use authentic and unique photos & videos in your ads and consumers journey (online shop, etc…) in order to increase trust and your conversation rate.

Collect insightful data

Analyze your top ambassadors’ behavior, engagement and interests in order to provide them a customized experience. Use data for look-a-like audience ads campaigns and add more similar top profiles to your program. Enrich your CRM with additional social media data and identify new leads.

Develop ambassador-marketing strategy

Entertain your ambassadors and ask them to complete gamified missions for your brand. Generate more engagement, data and revenue with the power of your brand ambassadors’ network.

Create your customized points and levels program in order to drive your ambassadors' organic social media engagement and content creation on Facebook and Instagram.

What you will reward:

· Sign up · Likes, comments, shares from your ambassadors and their friends on Facebook · Mentions, comments, reels, and UGC on Instagram · Purchases in your shop · Referrals . Bonus action (birthday…) · Custom owned actions on-demand

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November 25, 2021
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