Shopify App : BOXY Australian Postal Prices

Fastway, Australia Post shipping prices & Product Dimensions


BOXY is perfect for store owners who have an account directly with Fastway or Australia Post and want to predict your profit margins.


  • Accurate rates from Australia Post Domestic and International,
  • Rename Shipping Units and Shipping Descriptions
  • Accurate rates from Fastway Domestic in Australia and New Zealand
  • Connect your individual Australia Post or Fastway customer rates with one-click,

  • Get accurate rates for shopping carts that exceed Australia Post (22kg) and Fastway (25kg) limits

  • Add or remove Australia Post and Fastway descriptions for Shipping Rates

  • Set a default parcel size to calculate pinpoint accuracy with shipping rates

  • Disable Parcels that are not relevant to your store

Money Back Promise

If you are not happy with the service or rates we will gladly refund you. Our goal is to save you time and money, so if we are not doing this job we don't expect you to pay.

BOXY needs Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled.

Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled by default on Advanced Shopify plans. Carrier Calculated Shipping can be enabled on the Basic and Shopify Plan by:

  • (Recommended) Paying for your Basic or Shopify Plan up front for 12-months. You can then Contact Shopify and ask them, "Please activate Carrier Calculated Shipping on my Shopify store as I have paid for 12-months upfront", or
  • Contact Shopify and opt to pay $20 p/month for Carrier Calculated Shipping to be activated, or
  • The other alternative is to sign up with the Advanced Shopify plan where Carrier Calculated Shipping is part of the plan.

Coming Soon

  • Use our Product Dimensions tool to import each product parcel size to calculate the correct dimensional rate

MyFastway integration:

  • Use your prearranged shipping rates
  • See your MyFastway wallet total
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April 24, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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