Shopify App : BoxKnight Delivery

Same-day & scheduled local deliveries for merchants.

About BoxKnight Delivery

Reduce Cart Abandonment : Eliminate cart abandonment at the shipping page by offering your customers a customer-centric delivery option.

Delightful Delivery Experience : Your customers select a 3-hour delivery window post-purchase and receive livetracking updates via SMS!

No trips to the post office! : Our drivers pick up from where you are, so you can be free to focus on what really matters!


BoxKnight same-day & scheduled deliveries

BoxKnight provides same-day & scheduled local deliveries services from amazing merchants at competitive prices.

Let your customers choose when to receive their packages to improve your brand's customer experience

For shoppers, there is no worse experience than missing a package or seeing that it has been left at your doorstep in plain sight. BoxKnight allows your customers to select a 3 hour delivery window at the order confirmation page (thank you page) in order to make missed deliveries a story of the past.

With full integration to your Shopify store checkout and a clear, intuitive interface, we allow you to increase customer satisfaction by offering the most flexible delivery experience.

Offer same-day delivery to your customers to meet consumer expectations & reduce cart abandonment

It is proven that modern shoppers are less likely to proceed with their purchases if they are presented with inadequate delivery options at checkout. By installing this application on your Shopify store, all of your customers in our serviceable area will automatically be able to select our same-day and scheduled delivery options at the checkout, increasing your conversion rate.


  • Automatically shows the BoxKnight shipping option on the shipping page to shoppers in our serviceable area
  • Allows shoppers who check out with our shipping option to select a date and time for their delivery
  • Allows you to print BoxKnight shipping labels directly from Shopify admin
  • All your Shopify orders to be shipped with BoxKnight automatically get synced to your BoxKnight dashboard


To use this app, your shop must have access to the Carrier Calculated Shipping API, which comes included with Shopify Plus. If your store is not on Shopify Plus, you can add it to your plan at anytime by contacting Shopify support for a fee.

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Launch date
March 24, 2020

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