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Automate UGC and organic reach on TikTok

About Bounty ‑ UGC Automation

Turn customers into creators : Creators visit your store everyday & you don’t even know it. With Bounty you can incentivize them to create content for your brand on TikTok

Drive targeted reach : Micro and nano creators are the highest ROI way to reach your audience. Now, you can automate micro and nano creators on TikTok.

More User Generated Content : Incentivize the creators already buying your product to post authentic UGC content about your brand.

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Automate your TikTok marketing and get more user-generated-content for your brand

iOS 14.5 got you down? Don’t have time to figure out TikTok? Bounty helps you drive targeted reach through your customers audiences by letting them earn cash back for sharing their purchases on TikTok.

TikTok marketing done for you.

  • Eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming influencer seeding programs
  • Let your customers deliver personalized ads to their audiences for you
  • Incentivize viral content creation
  • Automatically identify the top creators for your brand
  • Get more UGC (User Generated Content) for your brand
  • Only pay for the reach your creators generate in the first 48 hours. All views after 48 hours are free.

What you get from traditional influencer marketing:

  • Uninterested audiences
  • Inauthentic content (#sponsored #gifted #ad)
  • Sunk product cost with no guarantee of post
  • Sunk marketing cost with no guarantee of performance
  • Time consuming process

What you get from Bounty

  • Authentic content from paying customers
  • Save time on outreach/negotiations
  • An automated system for inbound creator leads
  • A strategy to win on TikTok
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Launch date
December 29, 2021
Top features

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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