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About Image Edit & Remove Background

Image Bulk Edit & Enhancement : Bulk Edit image allows to upload the Photos of the product together and enhance the color, saturation etc. to enhance the look and feel.

Image SEO & Image Compression : Image Compression performs image resize without losing quality for faster loading and better user experience. Image SEO improves web traffic

Background Removal & Replacer : Background removal and Background templates and patters allow the user to place the product in any surface for stunning Product Photos.


High Quality Product Photos can make your eCommerce store sales. Product Photos are your face and your customers first love. It is important to make them look best! Leave your Product Photo related headaches to us and will do the best like never before!

Our Services

1.Bulk Image Upload

Upload multiple Photos of the same product together and perform all the actions at single click

2.Remove Background

Background Removal tool allows you to place the product on any background

3.Background Templates and Patterns

100s of Stunning Background Templates and Background Patterns help you to create Appealing Product Photos as you wish

4.Image Enhancement

The effects of light and colors can affect the original color and feel of your product. Show your customer the real product color and feel with our Image Correction techniques. And also use our Image Enhancement for avoiding the exposure issues.

5.Filename Optimization

Optmize your image file names as it explains what you sell. This will help in better traffic and hence Sales. Yes We do the Image SEO for you!

6.Image Compression

Image Compression module Optimize the Image size by 80% without losing the quality. Lightweight images load faster and you can see the spikes on Google Ranks and in Sales.

How Bluehour Works

  • Install the App
  • Upload the Multiple Photos of the Product together
  • Remove Background and Replace it with Stunning Backgrounds from the
  • Enhance and Correct the Images for the real color and feel
  • Compress the image and optimize file names for SEO boosting
  • Publish and Sell!

What Bluehour Offers

  • Realtime outputs - get best quality Product Catalog within minutes
  • Cost effective - Less than a dollar for one Product Catalog and a few cents per product image
  • Limitless templates - Rich collection of Background Templates and Patterns for Image Enhancement
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April 26, 2022
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