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About Genius Search Bar

More data than anyone : Benefit from our 12+ years of leadership in commerce search

Shared self-learning : Our AI continuously learns and shares improvements with all our customers

Built for fast growing brands : The solution of choice for the world’s largest online retailers, now packaged for fast-growing brands on Shopify


Backed with more data than anyone

We’ve spent over 12 years learning the nuances of how consumers search for products, and apply that to our ML algorithms for all to benefit. In fact, because they’re optimized for revenue, our algorithms lend an average 5 - 10% lift in revenue per visit across all our customers.

No one else on the market can match the power our unified historical data lends to the search, merchandising, and recommendations for your brand, and when these categories collectively account for 45-60% of annual revenue, that head start can make a world of a difference for your bottom line.

Shared self-learning

Our genius search bar is, well, genius. It knows that end table and nightstand are the same thing, and that there’s a huge difference between a shirt dress and a dress shirt, for example.

By plugging in our Discovery offering, you immediately get all of this contextual knowledge applied to your product catalog, and as our AI continues to learn from ever-changing consumer behavior, our collective Discovery customer base will automatically continue to benefit from that, too. This can be especially important when you have a lean team with minimal bandwidth. Our customers see 30 - 50% fewer hours spent tuning/managing their search with our solution.

Big-company resources for fast-growing brands

Everyone should be able to benefit from Discovery, so we’ve simplified the pricing and the implementation process to be easier for businesses that want an easy-to-use, intelligent search function but aren’t necessarily at the same scale as a department store or a major retail chain.

Now, you can feel like you have dozens of engineers on your team working to personalize experiences — even if you don’t. Additionally, our Shopify connector is specifically designed to get brands up and running quickly, and because of all the data and learnings that come with Discovery, our customers start seeing value on day one.

Key Features

Search Bar

  • Fix common search issues like showing “dress shirts” when someone searches for “shirt dresses”
  • Add autosuggestions, spell correct, and automatically generated synonyms to your search bar
  • Remove deadends by automatically showing similar products if you don’t have exactly what customers want

Category Pages & Merchandising

  • Boost, Bury, Hide, and Pin specific products with a few clicks
  • Automatically re-order facets so customers see what’s most helpful first

Increase AOV and Repeat Purchases

  • Recommend targeted products at key points in the shopping journey, including the home page, product detail page, and checkout
  • Show customers previous purchases so they can quickly reorder
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August 02, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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