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Multi-carrier shipment for your e-commerce store!

About Biteship

Multiple Carriers : Scale your business with more than 30+ couriers including JNE, J&T, Paxel, AnterAja and more.

Pickup Service : Whether it's only one or thousands packages, we can help pickup your item.

Automate Shipping Labels : Generate tracking number instantly to share with your customer and remove manual work.

Biteship Multiple Carriers for Merchants

Built for E-Commerce Business

Biteship is a shipping gateway connecting your business to more than 30 couriers across Indonesia. Biteship helps you ease your day-to-day shipment by providing you with the best shipping tools.


  • Check rate from multiple couriers
  • Add multiple pickup points to customize your needs
  • Add default weight to your shipment
  • Activate only courier services based on your customer needs
  • Print shipping label instantly from platform

List Available Couriers

  • Gojek – Instant, Same Day
  • Grab – Instant, Same Day, Car Express
  • MrSpeedy – Instant Bike, Instant Car
  • JNE – REG, YES (Yakin Esok Sampai), OKE, SS, Pelikan, PopBox, JTR
  • TIKI – Eko, Reguler, ONS
  • SiCepat – Reguler, Cargo, BEST
  • JET Express – CRG, Prioritas, Reguler, FX, XPS
  • J&T – EZ, JSD
  • Ninja Express – Next Day, Standard
  • RPX – Same Day Package, Mid Day Package, Reguler Package
  • Lion Parcel – Reg Pack, Land Pack, One Pack
  • Wahana – Normal
  • Pos Indonesia – Kilat khusus, Q9 Same Day, Same Day, Next Day, Jumbo Ekonomi
  • Deliveree – Economy, Van, Small Pickup, Engkel Box, and more
  • AnterAja – Reguler, Same Day, Next Day
  • Paxel – Small, Medium, Large
  • SAP - Regular, Next Day, Same Day

Why Biteship?

We offers list of courier pricing rate from multiple 3rd party logistics!

Our team will support you throughout the integration process with your website. We will be happy to assist you!

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Launch date
October 21, 2022

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