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All Variants are Submitted : All variants improves impressions and CTR. Ultimately results in More orders

Robust Filters & Bulk Edits : Allows you to fine tune your feed to get maximum out of the submission.

Specific Product Promotions : Allows you to create Promotions for Specific or All products.

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Bing Shopping Feed by FeedAPIs for Bing Shopping /MS App

The FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping / Microsoft App is designed to use the Content API method for feed submission to your Microsoft Merchant Center stores, which submits any new products or updates to the current ones within an hour automatically.

Hence there is no need to wait for the schedule fetch mode to update the product data for accurate product ad targeting and thereby increase the chances of getting more sales for every single penny spent after running ads.

With FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping App, you can now submit feeds for 54 Target Countries in 30 different languages and 30 different currencies.

The app supports almost all the essential attributes required and recommended for the Product Data Feed for Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaign. The app includes a wide variety of advanced features and functionality that will make it easier for you to optimize the Product data feed before submitting it to the Microsoft Merchant Center Store.

Regardless of how large your store's product catalog is, the App manages all of your products smoothly. Furthermore, the App's smart function maintains your product feed alive at all times, so you don't have to worry about feed expiry and its renewal.

Once your Feed is approved and live in your Microsoft Merchant Center Store, your products are ready to be marketed using the Paid Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaign as well as the Free Listing on Microsoft Shopping.

Smart Shopping Campaign Creation & Management

  • Now, you can also create a new Smart Shopping Campaign from our App itself. There is also feasibility to link your existing Smart Shopping Campaign, which you may have created manually in your Microsoft Ads Account.

Dynamic Remarketing Tagging and Conversion Tracking

  • Using the Microsoft Ads UET Tag, enable Dynamic Remarketing Tagging and Conversion Tracking.

Feed Optimisation with the help of Product CSV Export-Import

  • In addition to the option to select Default or Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Product Title and Description, you can also provide a completely customized title and description for Feed. Using the Product CSV Export-Import tool, you may customize not only the Title and Description, but also the Product Type, Link, and Mobile Link.

Some Other Awesome Features.

  • Utilize existing Google Shopping attributes to avoid double work.

  • Submits Mandatory Shipping Attribute for Germany & Austria.

  • The Promotions Feed Tool will assist you in creating and submitting a Promotions feed for Specific or All Products.

  • We have compiled a series of help videos to walk you through the Microsoft Ads setup process and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with your feed or Microsoft ads account.

  • You will receive best-in-class assistance via chat, email, and phone call.

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August 29, 2016
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