Shopify App : BharatX Pay in 3

Enable your customers to Pay in 3 instalments, interest free

About BharatX Pay in 3

Affordability for customers : Convert more customers by giving them access to credit in one tap.

Higher average order value : Pay in 3 facilitates affordability for your customers, as they have to pay ⅓ of the amount upfront, which increases their capability to buy.

Get paid fully upfront : You get paid upfront, while your customers pay over time.

Provide your customers with an option to Pay in 3

Pay In 3 is a white-labeled plugin which allows your customers to split their payments into 3 parts, without any documentation. The user gets access to “Buy now pay later” and has to pay 1/3rd of the amount at the time of placing the order, in turn enabling more users to buy your products, while you get the full amount upfront. The user pays the rest in equal EMIs 30 days and 60 days after the transaction, with no extra charge.

With Pay In 3, you can provide Indian consumers with credit and increase your cart conversion rate. Seamless and easy to use, Pay in 3, will result in increased sales and help you in empowering new customers.

For You

  • Increased cart conversion rate

  • Expanding potential customer base

  • Get paid upfront with zero business risk

  • Increase in basket size due to affordability

  • 1-minute hassle-free seamless setup

For Your Customers

  • Interest-free pay in 3 instalments

  • One tap, no documentation required

  • Hassle-free access to credit

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Launch date
November 11, 2022

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