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About BetterDocs FAQ, Knowledge Base

Create Detailed Knowledge Base : Generate fully customizable documents for each product on your store to set up instant self-servicing & reduce support tickets

Add Advanced Live Search Bar : Assist site visitors to find helpful documents effortlessly with a built-in, advanced live search bar that you can design as needed

Create Table Of Contents : Build a responsive and scrollable Table of Contents on your docs to help users navigate through your content easily


About BetterDocs

Create detailed product documentations to improve user experience, allow instant self-servicing, and reduce support tickets.

BetterDocs is an advanced solution that will help you create a knowledge base and documentation page on your store for all your products.

  • Create and manage detailed documents
  • Manage single docs and archive pages
  • Separate documents using categories & tags
  • Add a sticky Table Of Contents to your docs
  • Customize the design of all your documents
  • Enable an advanced Search Bar to help with navigation

Create Detailed Products Documents

To provide the best user experience, you must create helpful documentation for each of your products. And that’s where BetterDocs comes in. You can use this app to create a stunning knowledge base, single documentations, archive pages, and more, to not only enable self-servicing but also help reduce the pressure on your support team.

Include Documentation Categories & Tags

Managing all your documentation separately in categories or adding relevant tags to your document's rank for the specific search terms and keywords. This will help potential customers find your products more easily when they use those keywords to search product documents on your store.

Allow Users Find Docs With Advanced Search Bar

With an advanced search bar, you will be able to help your customers and store visitors find any content easily by looking up popular docs categories, keywords, and more, straight from the documentation home page.

Help In Navigation With A Sticky Table Of Contents

With the sticky Table Of Contents on your documents, you will be able to showcase all the supported headers on your documentation in a table view and an organized way, and style it however you need.

Customize Any Aspect Of The Documentation Design

Design your documentation to match the aesthetics of your store and your brand any way you want. Change the layout, colors or even fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions & Support

Have questions? Check out our detailed knowledge base or reach out to our friendly support team for troubleshooting any problems.

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March 03, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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