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Increase sales urgency with this recently sold sales ticker.

About Just Sold

Send your conversions soaring. : Our sales ticker notifies your site visitors of recent purchases & cart additions, which piques interest and converts visitors into buyers.

Recent sales you can’t ignore. : Our sales notification shows your visitors what others are looking at (and buying) in real time, creating social urgency.

Just sold ticker : We’ve designed our sales ticker to look as good as it functions. It’s an unobtrusive wallflower that fits right into your site’s aesthetic.

Multiple Design Options

Drive sales with this recently sold notifications ticker.

We have designed our dynamic sales ticker to drive more sales within your Shopify store by influencing your visitors to take action. Use the power of social influence!

Consumers typically purchase faster, and more often, when they see other consumers making similar purchases. It’s a simple marketing rule that’s as old as time itself and the very principle that our app was built for.

How our app works.

By displaying a sales notification, Just Sold notifies your site visitors of recent purchases and cart additions made by other site visitors.

(Remember what we said about people wanting what other people want?)

This consistent barrage of pings establishes social validation and evokes a sense of urgency in your visitors, which in turn increases conversions and, yes, drives more sales.

Our app will help you establish social validation, increase conversions, and drive additional sales by...

  • Displaying purchases in real-time.
  • Generating a real sense of urgency.
  • Reducing cart abandonment
  • Making set-up and customization seamless.
  • Developing trust and establishing credibility.
  • Creating a feeling of busyness within your store.

Why you should install our app right now.

Just Sold works to establish the same kind of feeling in your online store as your customers would experience in a physical store. With one, tiny, unobtrusive pop-up that can be designed to fit right within the aesthetic of your site, you will be able to evoke a sense of urgency in your customers, while establishing social validation, which will in turn increase conversions and drive more sales.

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May 22, 2020
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