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Offer best price with Found a Better Price form. Hide price.

About Better Price

Discount if client needs it : Provide coupons to real leads only when discounted price is requested. The app will help you to easily generate discount codes.

Gather customers contacts : Grow your business by calling or emailing your customers faster than your competitors thus sell more by providing lower price.

Best price guarantee : Make sure that customers buy from Your Store – not from your competitors by offering exclusive prices.

Shopify Flow Flow
Found a better price pop-up

Best price guarantee

With Better Price app customers are always sure that they get the best price for the product comparing to competitors.

How does it work?

Once installed, Better Price adds a small link (button) near product's price on product pages. When client clicks the link, better price request form appears. Customers are able to ask for a lower price using this form. Once better price request is submitted, you will get a notification at specified email. So if customer found the better retail price somewhere else it's possible to contact you and request a discount which makes positive on-demand experience for customers and for your business. You will be able to check and compare prices before providing customer with a discount code – in this way customers are getting elastic pricing.

Look and feel

We created elegant design that is included from the box. Nevertheless, you're always able to customize it to perfectly fit Your Store's design.

Better price requests list

With Better price request table in admin you'll be able to check details of price offer, customer who submitted it, check customer's location and other details. If you approve the request, the app will automatically generate a discount code and will provide it to you. You will have an option to email this code directly to the customer, or provide it manually yourself.

Customization options:

  • choose to open best offer request pop-up with a link or a button;
  • choose an email where better price requests / quote offers will be sent;
  • easily customize text, size and color;
  • change phrases according to your store's language and thematics;
  • enable or disable optional fields (name, phone number, comments);
  • custom email design and sending domain (via your own SMTP server).

Use cases:

  • Hide price on product's page and replace it with "Name your price" or "Request a quote" button;
  • PWYW (Pay What You Want) – customers can offer their price;
  • Donations;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Lowest price guarantee;
  • Quantity pricing;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Price bet;
  • as a Shopify Flow trigger;
  • Your idea: write us a message and we'll do best to adopt app to your request!

What if one of my products...

  • is sold out? App will not show a better price button / link in case if the product is not available (sold out);
  • offered with a discount? App will show a better price button / link after the initial price and discount price.

Click “Add app”

Enter your better price requests email address (or leave email field blank to receive price check requests to your store's primary email) to allow your customers to ask for discount. Compare price and make a decision to provide a discount or decline the quote request.

Start receiving better price requests and selling more!

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May 03, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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