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About Bestie

Direct customer attribution : Our post-purchase surveys go directly to the source. No more relying on third-party data to know where your customers are coming from.

Proven Survey Templates : Use one of our templates and start collecting data in minutes. Or customize your own based on your brand’s needs.

Lifetime Value Insights : Our advanced LTV insights help you know the true value of a customer and what makes your best customers different than the rest.

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Why Bestie?

We use post-purchase surveys so you can understand where your customers are coming at the moment that matters most. No more relying on pixels, cookies, and other 3rd-party data.. Going directly to the source (zero-party data), your customer, will help you make better marketing decisions by knowing where you should spend your money.

Here is what you get with Bestie:

Post-Purchase Surveys

  • What better time to ask your customer “what brought you to our site today?” or “how did you first hear of us”? Then right after someone buys? It’s fresh on their mind and you’re going directly to the source. Whether you’re using our successfully tested survey templates or want to customize your own, reaching out to your customer couldn't be easier.

Attribution Insights

  • iOS14 has made attribution very challenging. Use your real-time survey results to help better understand where your customers are coming from, how they heard about you, and why they purchased to drive marketing decisions. Now you can put your money in the marketing channels that drive the highest ROI.

Creative Impact

  • Privacy means knowing what creative helps your company is almost impossible to know... until now. Bestie's creative integrations let you ask customers what ads they remember seeing before buying.

Customer Lifetime Value

  • Scale your business by understanding the true value of your customers. When you know the true value of your customer you’ll also understand how much you can spend to acquire them. Using your Shopify data, we help you calculate a lifetime value based on your high, medium, and low value customers.

Persona Builder

  • Knowing things about your customer is very different then knowing who your customer is. Using survey results, Shopify data, and census data Bestie builds out customer personas so you know exactly who your customer is and how to communicate with them.
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October 26, 2022
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