Shopify App : Beast Best Sellers

Set up proper best seller collections with automation and more


The app helps merchants to set up bestseller collections based on quantities sold over a certain period of time.

How is it different from the option to sort collections by best selling?

In Shopify, you can sort collections by "Best selling" but in most cases, it doesn't work as expected for a number of reasons, and here are the issues our app solves for merchants:

  1. In Shopify, the items are considered bestsellers based on the number of times they were ordered, but the quantities sold are not taken into account. So, for example, a t-shirt A ordered as a single item 5 times will have more relevance than a t-shirt B that has been sold 3 times in quantities by 2 i.e. the t-shirt A with 5 items sold will have a higher rank than the t-shirt B with 6 items sold. Our app tracks quantities sold and all its functionality goes around that.

  2. In Shopify you're not able to track best sellers over a certain period of time. With help of our app, you can configure collections with items sold over a period of time e.g. last 3 months, or keep records for best sellers for the past season which gives you more flexibility on what you want to show to your customers.

You can set up multiple collections related to different configurations. For example:

  • Bestsellers this month
  • Bestsellers past season
  • Bestsellers last year
  • Bestsellers all time
  • etc.

These are the configurable options:

  • Tag to be assigned to products on matching criteria
  • Track sells continuously over the last N days
  • Track sells for a specific period
  • The minimum number of items sold to be tagged
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April 21, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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