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About Best Seller Insights

Focus your efforts and profit : You have a lot of products and a limited amount of time and energy. Maximize your profit by focusing on what works - your best sellers

Get trends via product reports : You should know exactly which products are popular in your shop. Powerful reports and insights let you easily stay on top of product trends

Put more money in your bank : Your popular products should outperform other products and can act as social proof. Promote your bestsellers more to make even more sales

Make more sales with Best Seller Insights

You should be making more profit from your existing traffic in your store. You've already put in the effort to get customers to your shop, and still, many of them leave without buying anything.

Here's the thing...

You may only have a few seconds to show the right product to a customer before they decide to leave and look elsewhere.

That's why it's so important to get the right products in front of your customers quickly.

Best Sellers can help you make more sales and profit from your existing traffic by focusing on your best-selling products.

You should be making more sales in your store

Your best sellers have a proven track record and are more likely to be bought. You should promote your popular products first to maximize your chance of a sale.

Best Sellers makes it easy to feature your best-selling products automatically throughout your store with best-selling product badges, collection sorting by best seller, and product tagging, so your customers always see the best you have to offer.

You can use social proof to motivate more shoppers to buy

Your shoppers are much more likely to buy a product if they know it is popular. Your best sellers act as natural social proof, which has been proven to lead to more sales.

Best Sellers includes ways to promote your best sellers throughout your shop with best-selling badges and lists. This is the same technique used by bigger successful merchants such as Amazon and Walmart.

Make your product ads more profitable based on product sales trends

You can use your product sales trends to optimize your product ads and make them even more profitable.

Focusing on your best sellers in your product ads lets you bid more effectively and not waste effort on underperforming products.

Best Sellers makes it easy to target your best products by sales rank and percentile so you can maximize your product ad profits.

Customizable sales period, so you show the right best sellers

Sales trends change quickly. You don't want to promote Christmas items in January just because they were popular a few weeks ago.

With Best Sellers, you can control how many weeks to include when determining best sellers throughout your shop.

Guaranteed to work with your shop and run lightning fast

Best Sellers was built to work with ANY Shopify theme, whether it's a popular or custom-built theme.

And all of Best Sellers runs 100% within Shopify's ecosystem, so it runs lightning fast and won't slow down your store.

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June 06, 2016
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