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About Price Beater

Offer a Price Match Guarantee : Your customers may find better offers somewhere else. Instead of losing a client, open a dialogue.

Immediate Notification : Get notified by email what price and competitor you can beat when a customer sends a price quote.

Respond to Offers : Reject offers or accept them with discounted products. Accepting will create a unique link to a discounted product.


Never Lose a Sale Again.

Prices online are easily checked and compared by your customers. Price Beater keeps your business at a competitive edge. Allow your customers to give you a quote. Don’t lose a sale, but gain a lifelong client.

Elegantly Competitive

  1. Empower your visitors to address any price concerns with an easy input. Price Beater button opens an elegant pop-up asking your visitor for their contact details and the competitors’ URL.
  2. Get immediately notified by email which price and what competitor you are beating when a customer sends a price quote. Choose to accept or reject offers in the app backend.
  3. To accept an offer, enter a discount code in the app. This will create a unique link for that discounted product. Your customer will be able to buy the discounted item in two clicks.

Easy setup & advanced customization

  • Automatic mode: Set a Price Beater button on your product page and customize it within the app to fit seamlessly in your store. Edit button message, eg. "Make an offer" or "Price Guarantee".
  • Manual mode: Design the button any way you want by adding the HTML and CSS into your theme.


  • Edit pop-up message for your guarantee
  • Get IMMEDIATE email notifications of price offers
  • Respond to offers with discounted products
  • Easy installation and setup options

You can try our app free for 14 days and see first hand the impact on your sales. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

*While we're upgrading our UI, please check out the demo until new screenshots are available!*

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September 21, 2016
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Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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