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Build Web Pages In Minutes : Beae offers drag and drop editing features. Lets you create good-looking web pages without knowing to code.

Create Layouts You Need : Discover 160+ pre-built templates. Edit them to create necessary web pages and get your work done faster.

Enjoy Better Conversions : Beae lets you integrate conversion-friendly tools to convert more customers. Plus, optimize pages for SEO easily.

Integrations Loox Klaviyo Instafeed Ultimate Sales Boost Yotpo
best shopify page builder

Uplift the look of your store by creating fully-customized web pages doing only drag and drop.

Why Beae

Design enticing web pages from scratch or use our pre-made templates. Beae saves a lot of your time and helps you focus on things you must do to grow your business.

Features That Make Beae The Best Page Builder

  • Fast, flexible and easy to use for anyone who doesn't know code or design
  • Build all kinds of pages
  • Optimized for mobile devices, create good-looking mobile versions
  • Over 160 pre-built templates
  • Integrate with 80+ popular apps to help you boost your sales
  • Multi-language Support
  • SEO Optimization enabled to let you quickly optimize pages for search engines
  • Section builder & Online Store 2 compatible, insert various sections into existing pages
  • Form & popup builder to create pages to collect emails of customers for retargeting and upsell
  • Works in any theme

Fast, Flexible & Easy To Use

Insert text, blocks, and sections to create a web page you like. Or you can edit our pre-made templates to turn them into your own page. Varieties of graphical icons are available to give your designs a unique touch.

Build Any Kind of Pages

  • Home
  • Product
  • Landing
  • Collection
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Blogs
  • Blog posts
  • And more...

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Change images, font size, spacing and other parameters for mobile and tablet screens. With Beae, you can build responsive pages with ease.

160+ Pre-Built Templates

Exclusive templates are created by pro designers to help you increase conversion rate and stay fully responsive on mobile.

Integrate with 80+ popular apps

  • Vitals
  • Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed
  • Loox Product Reviews & Photo
  • Reviews by Yotpo
  • Recharge Subscriptions
  • Infinite Options
  • Wishlist Plus
  • Product Filter & Search
  • Klaviyo
  • Back In Stock: Customer Alerts
  • And more...

Multi-language Support

Beae allows you to integrate with popular translation applications on the Shopify app store, such as Translate My Store & Currency, T Lab-AI Language Translate.

SEO Optimization

Beae lets you optimize meta tags, alt tags and all other fields you need to enhance your SEO ranks. So that you don't need another SEO tool to optimize your website pages.

Section Builder

Beae works with online store 2.0 compatible stores. You can now create various new sections with Beae and insert them into existing Shopify pages.

Form & Popup Builder

Build forms and popups with lucrative designs with Beae. Our high-converting designs can help you collect emails from visitors and customers.

Works With Any Theme

Beae works with all Shopify themes. Install our app to build eye-catchy designs that match your store theme.

Live Chat Support 24/7

We are available in live chat 24/7. Reach us anytime you need help.

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November 22, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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