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About Bazaarvoice Reviews & Photos

Improve your online presence : Get connected with 12,000+ brands and retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network, getting your products more eyes and more buys.

Generate traffic with UGC : Use reviews, photos, videos, and social posts to grow brand awareness, improve SEO, and inspire shoppers across your site and at retail.

Increase sales, gain insights : Use customer reviews, Q&A, and social content as your most effective conversion tool. Gain actionable insights into your brand and products.

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The Bazaarvoice advantage

Bazaarvoice has helped thousands of world-class brands like yours build UGC programs that drive serious sales. We know what it takes to go from an emerging business to industry leader. We help you get shoppers content they need at every stage of the journey.

Partnering with Bazaarvoice makes it easier than ever to collect more high-quality reviews, ratings, photos, and videos, while accelerating your growth. Then, we amplify that content to search engines, social media platforms, your site, and your retail channel. Our holistic approach to UGC throughout the entire shopper journey means our solutions will grow with you as you scale your business.

Bazaarvoice can get you seen by those in the know. And create FOMO for everyone else. As a leading user-generated content platform with the largest, most experienced client success team in the industry, you'll never have to guess how to build a best-in-class program that keeps you miles ahead of your competition.

How can Bazaarvoice help you?

Bazaarvoice works with the world’s biggest brands and retailers to:

  • Collect product reviews, photos, videos, and Q&A from your customers
  • Send automated email and SMS requests for ratings, reviews, and visual content
  • Drive revenue growth by highlighting your customer content on-site, in search, on social, and at retailers
  • Increase your brand visibility on search with our official partnerships with Google and Microsoft
  • Drive sales on social through curated customer content and social scheduling across all social platforms
  • Keep a constant pulse on what your customers are saying about your brand
  • Engage with customer questions on your site and on retailers' sites
  • Maximize the content you collect by sending it to the Bazaarvoice Network full of brands and retailers

How can you get started?

Have a quick chat with our team to find the best UGC strategy for your business. We will find the perfect fit of content collection, onsite display, social extensions, retail syndication, and insights to help grow your business. We will help you migrate any existing content you have and support you to hit your growth goals with our 24/7 support team.

A holistic UGC platform

Bazaarvoice’s comprehensive UGC platform ties together your e-commerce site, your social accounts, your retail channels, and the industry’s best content acquisition services to give you an “above-the-competition” program. Get your own internal teams working together to sell more, faster with less time managing your software tools.

No more sampling with one vendor, but not being able to get that content to retail. No more ratings and review software that sits on your page struggling to collect reviews. No detached social media strategy program that doesn’t bene

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Launch date
November 04, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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