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Detect fraud orders, prevent chargebacks and increase revenue

About Bayonet Anti‑Fraud

Get the most out of your store : Improve your revenue by reducing the chargebacks and the risk of fraud in your online store, while improving your acceptance rate.

Adaptive protection : Fraud patterns evolve constantly, the app monitors the behavior of your store in order to adapt the protection to meet its needs.

More security, more customers : Your customers will feel confident to buy your products and become frequent visitors.


Bayonet Anti-Fraud allows you to detect fraudulent payments in real-time, while ensuring good consumers can purchase frictionlessly -with little to no developer time needed. As you enable the app, you’ll get access to Bayonet’s customer dashboard, where you’ll visualize important KPIs (key performance indicator), review customers and download reports.

Real-time decision models

Bayonet Anti-Fraud analyzes an order placed by a customer to identify anomalies and patterns within that data, and provides decisions in real-time.

Data network and knowledge from world’s toughest markets

Shared learnings across our network of customers operating in challenging geographical zones protect your bottomline.


Get a transparent view of your important metrics and KPIs.

Customized protection for your store

Bayonet's protection doesn't utilize a general method. One of the stages of the analysis process involves the use of rules which are previously defined based on the behavior of your store, in this way, combining the fraud patterns along with these rules, the fraud detection is performed in a more robust way.

You control the way your store is protected

In addition of having defined rules based on the behavior of your store, you can set your own rules based on your sales experience in your specific market.

Define the reliability of your customers

If you detect that a customer presents a constant risk for your store, you can add them to Bayonet's blocklist, in this way, all their orders will be automatically defined with a high risk of fraud. The same can be done with customers that you consider don't present any risks for your store, in this case, you can add them to the whitelist to automatically define all their orders with a low risk of fraud.

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May 03, 2021
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