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Key predictions and an action-plan for eCommerce

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Bark: Key predictions and an action-plan for eCommerce

Bark is a prediction and an action-plan solution that sends optimized discounts, segments and campaigns to Shopify, and other marketing-automation platforms, at scale.

The Bark solution integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, cross-reference store specific data with macro economics indexes and proprietary models, building the right actions, in the right platform at the right time.

As an eCommerce manager,

There are multiple ways you can spend your budget. How do you decide which would be the most impactful on your bottom line?

Bark applies statistical Models to identify opportunities in your marketing campaigns and merchant offers, and put together an action plan.

Now, you can make data-driven, revenue-impactful decisions about your budget.


  • Automatically builds the right segments for the right campaign, directly in your marketing platform to optimize on revenue, profit and deliverability.
  • Automatically identifies the most impactful discounts to optimize on profit and revenue while keeping your brand perception intact. Bark sends the discounts directly to your Shopify account.
  • Automatically identifies when to stop a saturated discount to increase profit.
  • Automatically identifies which segments to retarget and to which channel.


  • Gross and net revenue forecast
  • Returns forecast
  • Demand forecast on collection and categories
  • Forecast the impact of actions on revenue and profit

What If

  • Sensitivity analysis of ad-spend budget changes on revenue
  • Sensitivity analysis of new discount on revenue and profit
  • Sensitivity analysis of campaigns on revenue and profit
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Launch date
July 14, 2022
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About the Author

Matej Kontros

Matej Kontros is an E-Commerce expert and app developer with over a decade of professional experience in IT.

Matej has worked for organisations of all types and sizes, including global players, startups, and agencies. He designed, developed, and maintained complex projects.

Matej's expertise includes e-commerce, software engineering, web development, systems administration, internet security, managing projects, and building teams.

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