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Create Tech Packs Faster : Create and share professional tech packs in minutes! Leverage your product data and templates to build custom tech packs in a few clicks.

Centralized Product Data : Eliminate hours of manual data entry and make up-to-date product details available to your whole team at all times.

Adobe Illustrator Plugin : Enhance your design workflow by syncing changes and updates directly from Illustrator into your product libraries and tech packs.

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Backbone empowers direct-to-consumer fashion and apparel brands with the tools you need to develop products at digital speed while scaling for growth.

We’ve been in your shoes. You’ve got a small team, amazing products, and a whole lot of data in spreadsheets and folders to contain them all. Backbone for Shopify customers was created by the team at Backbone PLM to help you bring order to the chaos, professionalize your product development process, and unlock your potential for growth.

Professionalized Product Development

Create tech packs in minutes, standardize size specifications, reduce errors, and create professional line sheets. Backbone’s centralized system of record helps you progress through the development process with ease.

Increase Speed to Market

A lot of production time is wasted looking for product information. Backbone’s cloud-based system of interconnected libraries gives your team constant access to updated product information so they move at digital speed.

Empower Creativity

Powerful features like our Adobe Illustrator plugin save time for designers, empowering them to do what they do best - design. Sketches and product images are easily synced as revisions and samples occur.

Backbone Features

  • Centralized Product Information - Work efficiently by giving your whole team access to the most updated product data.

  • Tech Packs in Minutes - Dynamic product and component libraries make it easy to create and share tech packs quickly.

  • Adobe Illustrator Integration - Save design time by syncing Adobe Illustrator files directly into Backbone as updates are made.

  • Sync Products to Shopify - Get a head start on creating new products in your Shopify store by syncing product names and descriptions directly from Backbone.

  • Swatches & Pantone Libraries - Manage custom colorways and access all Pantone libraries, which are pre-populated in the system.

  • Size Specification Management - Standardize size specs and fit across styles with reusable, editable graded rules and measurements.

  • Better Sample Management - Collect feedback, track progress, and collaborate better on production phase samples.

  • Professional Line Sheets - Create visual product reports that compile key data for greater visibility as you collaborate with internal and external partners.

  • Dynamic Data - Eliminate hours of manual data entry! Updates made in one place auto-populate everywhere else in the app.

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March 21, 2022

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