Shopify App : B4E Coupon Code Generator.

Generate and distribute coupons within your Manychat account.


Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing strategy for your online store. With the B4E (Bots for Ecommerce) coupon code generator, you can generate and distribute (unique) discount codes from within your B4E Messenger bot in a few clicks.

The B4E Coupon Code Generator app integrates seamlessly with Manychat and enables you to generate different types of coupon codes.

When the B4E Coupon Code Generator app is installed you can generate your desired discount codes directly from within your Manychat account.

All types of codes can be generated:

  • Free Shipping
  • Fixed percentages discount codes
  • Fixed amount discount codes
  • Unique (time-sensitive) codes

Why Use B4E Coupon Code Generator?

In your standard messenger bot set-up, there is no way to generate the different types of (unique) coupon codes without having to use Google sheets or a custom build solution.

Being able to generate unique coupon and different types of coupon codes will allow you to:

  1. Prevent coupon code abuse and also protect your profit margins
  2. Provide a personalized experience for your customers

The B4E coupon code generator will work seamlessly with your Manychat messenger bot and allows you to generate any type of coupon code you want within a few clicks and without having to use any coding or Google sheets solution.

How Does the Coupon Code Generator work?

The app integrates seamlessly with the discount section in the Shopify admin and your B4E messenger bot. From within your B4E messenger bot set up, you can configure your discount as you would normally do from the Shopify Discounts section within a few clicks.

When the discount code app is configured to your wants and needs, you can start distributing the discount(s) to your subscribers.

The B4E messenger bot solution will automatically generate a new code for you and will deliver it to the subscriber. No code required.

Please note, this app creates the codes in Shopify and will store every code generated to the dedicated custom field in your B4E set up for each subscriber.

Will the B4E Coupon Code Generator affect the appearance of my shop?

No. The app will work in the back end of your shop. The app will not be seen by any website visitors. The app will only be accessible for the store admins.

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July 05, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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