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Boost sales and increase your AOV with bundles and offers!

About Axe Bundles

Improve Conversions : Get rid of confusing bundles. Replace them with a user-friendly design that increases conversions.

Increase AOV : Increase your Average Order Value by making easy-to-use and irresistible offers.

Simpler Bundles : Traditional bundles are so confusing. Simple is always better. Allow customers to order more of what they love.


What is AxeBundles?

Axe Bundles allows you to display your variants in an attractive way allowing your customers to easily buy more of what they love; increasing your Average Order Value. It is an alternative to quantity breaks and traditional bundle apps.

What does our app do?

  • Integrate Axe Bundles with any product in your store.
  • Create Attractive Offers.
  • Create Quantity Breaks.
  • Allow customers more flexibility in your offers (for example, if a customer wants to take advantage of your buy 2 get 1 free offer, they can get a black, blue and red shoes in a click of a button).
  • Customize the design of Axe Bundles.

What are the benefits?

Sometimes offers can be confusing. With our app, you are able to simplify the display of Offers, allowing you to increase your AOV and improving your conversion rate. Since customers will no longer be confused, they will happily order more of the same product.

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Launch date
April 09, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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