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Schedule sales, product availability, discounts & daily deal

About Auto Schedule sales & products

Schedule time limited products : Idea for scheduled stock, promotions, and time limited products such as event tickets, merchandise or food for delivery or collection.

Sales, discounts & daily deals : Now you can schedule entire promotions in bulk like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Scheduling discounts, or even price increases!

Flexible repeating schedules : Unique to Auto Schedule: flexible repeating schedules. Ideal for promotions or takeaways & meal deliveries with regularly rotating menus.

Auto Schedule - schedule products and discounts

Introducing Auto Schedule, the simple product scheduler app that performs magic by scheduling product availability, price changes and tags. Set, forget, relax and let our bulk scheduler do the hard work for you.

Two apps rolled into one - schedule products to be published & unpublished AND schedule promotions, discounts, price changes… even price increases. Plus loads more!

If you need to schedule products to be published and removed from sale, or change prices, then why do it manually? Set a schedule and do whatever makes you happy - make a cup of tea, go on holiday, have a snooze or do some other work. It doesn’t matter because Auto Schedule will perform a miracle and do everything for you.

Improve efficiency, save time and be a hero by putting your store on autopilot. Tell them you were up at midnight adding products to your store for that special promotion when in reality, you had them scheduled to publish automatically!

What can I schedule with Auto Schedule?

  • Price reductions, promotions, discounts, daily deals and even prices increases
  • When products should appear or be removed from your store
  • When tags should be added or removed from your store
  • When products should be completely deleted from your store

What else can Auto Schedule do?

  • Full control over Shopify's product states - draft, active or archived
  • Round your promotion prices up or down to the nearest cent
  • Set schedules on a repeating basis - from simple repeats such as every week, to complicated schedules such as every Monday and Thursday on the third week of every month
  • Combine Scheduling tags to be added or removed from your products with your other schedules for super flexibility.
  • Set schedules for entire collections or multiple products in one go
  • Allows you to select a date and time using a simple calendar interface
  • Provides a super simple admin screen that fits in perfectly with Shopify’s UI

Why should I schedule my products?

  • Time limited special promotions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  • Time limited products such as event tickets or food for delivery
  • Regularly rotating product lines. Ideal for daily deals, takeaways and meals
  • Improve efficiency and save time
  • Give yourself a break and put your store on autopilot

What services are provided to support me?

  • Free lifetime updates
  • Responsive support

Is the unlimited plan really unlimited?

You must use this plan responsibly and most merchants do. However, if we find schedules are affecting the schedules of other merchants then we reserve the right to pause them and notify you. An example would be having schedules that run every minute of the day and affect 1000s of products. Please do not do this!

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April 17, 2019
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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