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Autoprocessor of sales orders into Exact Online ERP apps

About Autixor

Automatic processing : Shopify sales orders will be automatically captured in Exact Online WD or Manufacturing real time on checkout completion.

A selection of setup options : Choose default app target settings for VAT, warehouse and customer, and how to match customers with or without Shopify store accounts.

Enhanced reconciliation : Let the app match sales orders in Shopify to those in Exact by simple drag and drop of a CSV extract of Exact Online sales order data.


Automate sales order processing into your accounts:

  • Autixor automates processing of Shopify sales orders into UK, Netherlands, France and Germany versions of the Exact Online ERP products: Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.
  • Once Autixor is set up, sales orders will be posted Exact Online real time on completion of checkout.

Designed by accountants:

  • Autixor requires that the Shopify data set (products, customers, etc) are maintained separately to the data set for Exact Online (items, customers). It will not simply create items or customers in Exact if these are not found when a sales order is processed.
  • We have prioritised not only automation, but also reconciliation of Exact Online sales orders processed by the app with Shopify sales orders.
  • Autixor is equipped with functionality to reconcile orders, revise settings and re-submit orders with new parameters.
  • Autixor operates in parallel with Exact Online. There is functionality to match Shopify products to Exact Online items and Shopify store customer accounts with specific Exact Online customer accounts.
  • The app is quick and easy to use and equipped with functionality to provide users with peace of mind that data transfer is correct.

Minimal assumption by the Autixor app:

  • If a Shopify customer with a store account cannot be matched to an existing Exact Online account, the transaction is halted and a comment is logged. Where a corresponding Exact item cannot be found, Autixor will process those it can find but the sales order totals will differ and this will be picked up on reconciliation. The user can then update the Shopify or Exact Online database to match the product or customer and resubmit the sales order using Autixor.
  • Autixor does not assume the product or customer is not in Exact and simply create it.
  • Autixor does not take the user completely out of the process, but seeks to augment how the speed and ease with which they can manage the flow of information from Shopify to Exact Online.


  • In order to for the Autixor app to have access to your Exact Online account, you will need to have purchased a subscription - in tests, the app did not work with trial versions of Exact Online.
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March 12, 2020
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