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Identity, Age & Residency Authentication. Fraud Prevention


Prove Identity : Be sure you are selling to a true identity. Prevent bad actors from misrepresenting themselves.

Prove Age : Do not risk selling to underage individuals. Prove your customer's age before order fulfillment.

Prove Address : Avoid selling in known prohibited areas or to individuals ineligible to purchase your goods.


Instantaneously prove identity, age and residency of any customer worldwide.

Upon checkout a tokenized link is generated that can be sent by SMS, email or QR code that is associated with your customer's unique Order ID. Once your customer completes their identity, age and residency authentication you can fulfill their purchase.

Through the portal you can customize your verification preferences to allow whichever verification options you wish to enable. There are currently two identity, age and residency verification options.

Instant, worldwide photo ID and passport authentication.

  • Our Verify UI can also be used for instant authentication of any government issued photo ID or passport worldwide.
  • Includes forensic fraud and forgery analysis, data extraction and data cross matching (front and back of ID), facial recognition, liveness detection and a 24/7/365 fallback method for damaged, dirty, worn or torn IDs powered by AI-assisted expert manual review.

Knowledge Based Authentication is available in the US.

  • Our Verify UI can also be used for an instant, five question, multiple choice personal knowledge quiz comprised of out-of-wallet questions based on public record data.

Promotional discounts available based on volume.

Additional verification is available such as Education, Employment and Professional Licenses. If these do not matter to you, you can simple disable them.

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November 25, 2021

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