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About Australia Post Shipping Rates

Live and Contract Rates : Automate the calculation of live and contract shipping rates directly on the checkout page with our Shopify Australia Post app.

Multiple Service Options : Purchase one or more Australia Post shipping services and easily enable or disable any service at your convenience with AusPost Shopify.

Custom Product Dimensions : Assign custom dimensions to each product individually or all the products in bulk with our Shopify Australia Post app.

Australia Post

Integrate Shopify Australia Post app by an official partner of Australia Post, to make the management of shipments a hassle-free experience for you. AusPost Shopify lets you automate live shipping rates as well as contract shipping rates on your checkout page seamlessly. Also, get to enable or disable Australia Post services in real-time with our AusPost Shopify app.

  1. Multiple Options for Assignment of Product Dimensions: Choose to assign dimensions through our Australia Post Shopify app to products in any of the three ways -

    • Manual Assignment - Assign dimensions individually to all the products in the store.
    • Bulk Assignment - Set common dimensions to all the products in the store and save time that would otherwise go in the manual assignment of dimensions to similar items.
    • Default Assignment - Define default dimensions to get assigned automatically to any product with undefined dimensions.
  2. Auto-Update Shipping Services: Accommodate changes in services on the go and reflect them in the frontend through the re-sync feature our Australia Post Shopify app offers.

  3. Live Shipping Rates: Enter the API key registered with Australia Post to fetch live shipping rates during checkout in case you own a small business with lower volume of shipments through our Shopify Australia Post Shipping app.

  4. Contract Shipping Rates: Enter your account no., user no., and password to fetch contract shipping rates during checkout and avail concessional rates Australia Post offers against high volume of shipment generations.

  5. Choice of Shipping Services: Purchase multiple Australia Post shipping services available and enable or disable one or more in real-time as and when required with the AusPost Shopify app.

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August 18, 2020
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