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About Auction Today

Run an auction on your website : It's time to increase sales by holding a product auction on your website at any moment.

Increase your customer base : Permitting your consumers to put their own prices on auction products may attract them.

It's highly convenient to use : In only a couple of clicks, it is prepared for auction. The creation of an auction will just need a few basic steps.

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Start an auction on your online store using Auction Today

An auction is often a method of purchasing and selling products or services by offering them up for bids, accepting bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.

For every product, merchants can establish an auction to boost sales right away. Auctions are an ancient and effective method of attracting all consumers. With Auction Today, it's really simple to set up an auction, monitor it, and keep track of all activity. The logs also make it easy to observe what's going on.

Core Functionality:


  • Make an auction for a single item or for the entire store.
  • Merchant can create an auction based on a specific day and time.
  • Merchant has the ability to change or remove a customer's recent bid.
  • Start pricing offers to choose the lowest price at which you want to begin bidding on a product, which can help you prevent losing money on products you're selling.
  • Bid incrementation specifies that the minimum auction bid amount must be raised after each placement of the predetermined highest bid.
  • The auction is completely in the hands of the merchants, who also have the power to end it at any time.
  • The product could be purchased at the reserve price if a consumer decides not to participate in the auction.
  • A bidding fee auction called penny auction, is a type of all-pay auction in which each bidder must pay a non-refundable entry fee.
  • The admin may observe the auction bidding and declare the winner


  • Customers can start bidding easily by login in.
  • Customers can see the previous own bidding history.
  • Customers can see the Auction bidding history.
  • Once a customer is declared a winner he/she can easily checkout.


  • Simply customized auction widget labels.
  • Merchant can change auction widget look and fill and colors.
  • Merchant can hide (Add to cart, Buy now, Price in product page and collection page).

Email Notification:

  • Admin can get notified once the new bid is placed.
  • Admin can get notified once any winner is declared.
  • Customers can get notified if any higher bid is placed.
  • Customers can get notified if he/she placed a new bid.
  • Customers can get notified if he/she owns the auction.
  • Customers can get notified if he/she lost the auction.


  • SendGrid
  • Mailgun

Coming Soon:

  • Support multiple language setups.
  • Auction Automation
  • Real-time auction notification and sync.
  • Real-time auction dashboard.
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August 10, 2022
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