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About Addributes

Easy To Use : The app allows you to add product characteristics of your variants. In addition, the reference price is autom. updated over the last 31 days

Price Indication Directive PID : § 11 PAngV n.F. says that from May 28th, 2022, the so-called lowest 30-day price must be specified as the reference price

Artikel 246a § 1 Absatz 1 : Requires the online retailer to indicate the information about "the essential characteristics of the goods..." in the checkout


Essential product characteristics for the checkout

  • Search for products and assign characteristics to each product
  • Individually or by template for multiple products in one step
  • Assigned article characteristics are displayed in the shopping cart and at the checkout
  • You can also specify different item specifics per variant
  • Seamless integration with the Shopify admin so you can jump straight into the app from the product page
  • Easily remove item specifics when you no longer need them


Article 246a Section 1 Paragraph 1 No. 1 Introductory Act to the Civil Code (EGBGB) in conjunction with Section 312d BGB requires the online retailer to provide the consumer with the following information: “The essential characteristics of the goods or services in the means of communication and for the goods and services to a reasonable extent.” In the case of a T-shirt, for example, these would be material, cut, size, washability.

§ 11 PAngV new version - price reductions and rebates - obligation to indicate the reference price

On May 28, 2022, the new Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV) will come into force. As of this day, a new price information obligation applies to advertising with discounts. The so-called lowest 30-day price must then be specified as the reference price. This presents sellers and retailers with not inconsiderable new challenges.

Delivery times

You can also use the app to maintain delivery times so that they are displayed in the checkout and transferred to the order.


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No guarantee, merchant must ensure that the data is displayed correctly in the frontend. Use at your own risk. Deviations in the template from the Shopify recommendations/requirements are not supported by the app.

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December 13, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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