Shopify App : Atobaraidotcom payment

Allow customers to buy now and pay later


This is a safe and convenient payment method that allows the purchaser to pay at a convenience store, bank or post office after checking the contents of the product.

The effects of introducing Atobaraidotcom

The app allows you to provide the "Atobaraidotcom" payment method, which introduces the benefits of the convenience store payment system. It helps EC and mail-orders businesses solve their problems of “Increasing sales", “Acquiring new customers", and “Reducing operational costs“. Eliminates the "risk of uncollected payments" associated with the introduction of “Buy Now Pay Later” convenience store payments.

  • Eliminate risk of uncollected payments: "Atobaraidotcom" offers optional services, like taking care of collecting payments from buyers, so store owners don't have to worry of the risk of non-payment due to the “Buy first Pay later” system.
  • Acquire new customers: Customers can feel secure ordering from an online store they are using for the first time with “Buy Now Pay later” services.
  • Reduce Operational costs: "Atobaraidotcom" takes care of collecting payments from the customer. In the past, the cost of uncollectible risks and the labor cost of dealing with them were expected to be expenses, but now you are using the expected expenses for advertising and product development to further increase sales.
  • Increase sales: The introduction of “Buy Now Pay Later” convenience store payment may prevent new users from abandoning the checkout. "Atobaraidotcom" may increase sales opportunities by helping to eliminate anxiety about online shopping and may prevent opportunity loss due to payment, since it can be used in various situations such as before payday or gift orders.

Optional services provided by Atobaraidotcom:

  • Sending invoices
  • Payment collection services
  • Dealing with unpaid bills

After receiving the order, the store owner only needs to ship the products if the credit result is OK, and can concentrate on selling.  

To use the Atobaraidotcom service, you need to apply for the service separately.

Atobaraidotcom service is only available in Japan.

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April 12, 2022
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