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Create a seamless workflow from orders to deliveries

Empower your sales teams to schedule your deliveries at the click of a button Arrivy's seamless Shopify integration helps you empower your sales teams and easily hand off jobs to operations teams on Arrivy. Create Arrivy standalone jobs or bookings right inside your orders in Shopify.

Let's talk about what Arrivy's Shopify integration can do for you:

1. Quick & Fuss-Free Scheduling

  • Arrivy lets you effortlessly schedule deliveries from your Shopify orders and handles all the associated operational hurdles.
  • Easily hand off jobs to your operations team and provide them with all the information they need. From order numbers to delivery items to anything else they desire.

2. Tailored Customer & Crew Experience

  • Retain customers within your service experience from the order to the delivery. Design how their experience would unfold, from customized SMS and Email notification to live-tracking the team.
  • Empower your field team and equip them with all the necessary information to make successful deliveries. Power up their day with the Arrivy mobile app and make it easy for them to report their job progress and communicate with the customer in real-time.
  • Enjoy open lines of communication between all parties involved and ensure no message goes unheard.

3. Plan Your Day Down to the Route

  • Create the perfect day for your team by planning their routes for them to ensure exceptional efficiency. Allow them to get more done in a day and bank on their time.
  • Create custom routes by factoring in traffic times, wait times, breaks, and many more aspects that can be customized for your use case.

4. Capture Crucial Delivery Information

  • Curate custom delivery forms and ensure that all vital information is being captured in the field. From customer signatures to photographs, Arrivy's dynamic digital forms are a dream come true.
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August 24, 2022
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