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ARCS Support Ticketing System

Today we live in era where customer service is of important factor that online stores care about and believe in providing best possible customer service. This has proven not only to generate recurring revenue but also growing revenue by word of mouth advertisement which has substantially high conversion rate.

One of important factor to provide best possible customer service to address customer issues on time and every time. One of most sought out feature is capability of a store to provide stable means for customers to contact store and also store management to be able to respond to those requests in timely fashion.

We have build support ticketing system app for stores to provide better customer service by allowing customer to contact them by initiating a support ticket and store owner / manager to review and respond to those customer inquires / issues / feedback from a single system.

Following are salient features of this app:

  1. Settings: Support Function ON / OFF: This will be toggle and will turn off / on ticketing capability for store customers. When functionality is OFF then no buttons or form will be accessible to customers to log new tickets or check status of existing tickets.

  2. Settings: New Tickets Function ON / OFF. This is same as above setting. Only difference will be if Support Function is ON and New Tickets Function is OFF, then user can check status of existing tickets.

  3. Settings: Support Page: Store owner will be able to customize content that will displayed on support page along with label of buttons as well as status of tickets.

  4. Settings: Emails: Store owner will be able to customize content of emails that will send to customer as well as to store owner / manager.

  5. Store Support Page: Store customers will be able to submit new tickets as well as view status of existing tickets.

  6. App Dashboard: Store owner / manager will be view all tickets from single screen. That screen have filtering, sorting and search capabilities to allow for better management. Store owner / manager can view details of all communication with a ticket and add their comments as well as set status of ticket from pre defined list of status.

ARCS Support Ticketing System is simple and scalable app to assist stores in better customer support and communication management.

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February 14, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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