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ARCS History Tracking app

Data is one of most important element for any online store. During life time of any e-commerce store there are substantial changes made to data and one of important element for success of any store how well data is managed. Data is one of key element and it becomes important to have ability to track changes made to data.

This app facilitates stores to track changes done to products, product variants and customers. This help store owners / managers to audit changes made to data and roll back any accidental updates. It also allow to keep track of any historical changes and provide ability to data analysts evaluate impact of changes on store performance.

App Features:

  • Setting Page will allow user to turn on history for specific objects. After installation of app by default all objects will be initially turned on for history tracking.

  • Report Page will allow user to search for history records. This page will have search section where user can define parameters for search and result section where based on selected parameters results are shown.

  • Results can be exported in csv format. When page initially loads then show most recent 100 history records.

App provides intuitive interface to search history data via search parameters. Following are options available in this section:

  1. Object Type dropdown with following options: All Objects. Customer Accounts, Products, Product Variants

  2. User Name – In this text box user can enter full or partial user name. This is optional field.

  3. Date Range – From and To – Display two calendar control to accept date and time. This is mandatory field.

  4. Search Text – In this text box user can enter text they want to search. For e.g. if user select object type Products then script will show matching results based on entered search text and product. If user selects All Objects then script need to search against name of all 4 objects.

  5. Search Option – In this dropdown user will type search match option: Equals, Does Not Equal, Begins With, End With, Contains, Does Not Contain

  6. Search button – Clicking on this will initiate search based on selected parameters and show data in results section. Script will display max of 1000 records to avoid overloading grid. If results are more than 1000 then display message that “For optimal performance latest 1000 records of total XXXXX are displayed. For entire list please click on Export button.”

  7. Show Recent 100 Records – Clicking on this will show recent 100 history records.

  8. Export button – Clicking on this will export all records that match search criteria in csv format. This button will be disabled if there are no records in results section.

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February 09, 2022
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