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Next-Level Fraud Protection - Approve More Orders Today.

About Apruvd ‑ Fraud Management

A Customized Fraud Strategy : No two businesses or shoppers are alike; with Apruvd get a complete solution that works as hard for your business and customers as you do.

Man & Machine : Automation plus expert-level human intelligence provides our customers with unmatched accuracy and the results to match.

Turn Declines Into Revenue : Apruvd converts many merchant declines into approvals - hard-to-decision orders? Let the experts at Apruvd decision for you.

Apruvd guaranteed fraud prevention

Fraud Protection Guaranteed To Help Your Business Grow.

Apruvd is your Guaranteed Fraud Protection Partner​. While legacy fraud systems give risk scores and leave tough decisions up to the Merchant, Apruvd makes expert decisions ​for you — ​eliminating chargebacks and false-declines and increasing revenue.​ ​We provide a collaborative partnership that helps your business grow safely and ensures​ all good customers get approved.

How We Work

Apruvd is a comprehensive fraud solution that reviews ecommerce transactions and delivers an ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ decision. All approved orders are backed by our guarantee - so you’ll never bear the cost of a fraud chargeback again and you can rest assured that no good customers will be declined. While working with Apruvd, you get both automation and expert human review. If a transaction doesn’t get approved through our automation process, it will automatically escalate to our expert review analysts. Detect MORE Than Just Fraud: Apruvd doesn’t simply prevent fraud, we ​detect revenue – identifying good-paying customers and legitimate orders where legacy fraud tools and systems cannot. Flexible & Scalable Service Plans: Complete Solution or Layer Us On. Sell to any customer, anywhere in the world, with piece of mind. Automate Your Workflow: Choose from the following customization options to spend less time administering your store.

  • Automatically capture payment for approved Shopify orders
  • Automatically archive approved Shopify orders
  • Automatically cancel declined Shopify orders
  • Restock declined Shopify orders when automatically canceling them
  • Add note to Shopify orders if they have been submitted but will not be reviewed

Fraud is complex, but with Apruvd you get the accuracy and precision from a partner as invested in your businesses’ success as you are.

  • Better Detection – With Apruvd, receive higher approval rates and lower false declines, resulting in happier shoppers.
  • Better Protection – Backed by ApruvdAssurance – Our risk-free guarantee removes the financial burden of chargebacks
  • Better Results – We approve many of the orders other systems decline.

Approve More Orders. Detect More Revenue. And Ensure ​ALL Good Customers Get Approved​.

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July 12, 2022

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