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About Apptonize Mobile App

Customers buy more : Customers find their desired products fast. Thanks to the clear navigation, excellent search engine and speed of the app.

Customers return : Customers enter your store with 1 click of a thumb. Find favorites in their wishlist. Have a great user experience and come back.

Activate customers : Send out push messages to become top of mind. Activate customers by offering discounts or introducing new products.

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Apptonize delivers seriously good mobile shopping apps. Your mobile apps will be available in the Appstore and Google Play. This additional sales channel will typically be used by your most loyal customers. Which is why the user experience of the apps need to be seriously good.

Keep Customers Close

Online shopping is shifting. Not just from desktop to mobile commerce, but from mobile web to mobile apps. Because mobile apps offer a better user experience.

Most customers place orders using their smartphone. Mobile apps enable you to be ón that device. An opportunity to keep your customers close. Customers can enter your store with one click of a thumb.

Serious Apps

Apps are not just ‘nice-to-have’ anymore. Our mobile age calls for serious apps. At Apptonize we offer seriously good mobile apps. Your customers will expect no less.

Start Professional

When you start with mobile apps, we recommend to start with the Professional plan. It embodies a fine combination of functionality and styles. Furthermore, it is very easy to get started. The Professional plan includes an excellent navigation and search engine, use of filters, wishlist, optimized checkout.

In short, it includes all you need to make a succesful start with your mobile apps.

Grow to go Custom

Grow as you go. As your app revenue grows, you will learn which changes in the apps can help your business. This is the moment to shift to the Custom plan. It offers more flexibility in designs and expanded functions, such as custom filters and multilanguage.

Enterprise, tailor to perfection

At a certain scale, you might want to design your own apps. At Apptonize, we can tailor your unique designs to perfection. While still working with our Software as a Service. Saving you a lot of money, as the apps do not need to be built from scratch.

Furthermore, we can develop additional functionalities, upon request. To meet the specific needs of your shop.

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March 03, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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