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Sell More with Upsell Funnels : Use cart and post purchase upsells & cross-sells to boost average order value. Add unlimited offers to your store with just a few clicks.

Boost your conversion rate : By showing product recommendations as bundles on your pages, customers are likely to buy more related items and increase total cart value.

Effective & Targeted Upsell : Easily customize and create upsell funnels/ unique offers for specific products triggers and collections.

Boost your sales using upsell & cross sell funnels

Sell More with One Click Cart & Post Purchase Upsell Offers

Using AppSell, you can improve your store's conversion rate, sales, and revenues significantly with the easiest-to-use Upsell builder app. You can change the design to match the style of your storefront with just a few clicks!

You can easily customize your cart and post-purchase checkout & thank you page with discounts and exclusive offers on product recommendations that your customers can add to cart with one click.

Why using Appsell?

AppSell will sky-rocket your store conversion rate by catching potential customers before and after they place an order, making sure you reconvert them, get the most out of every purchase and increase your average order value.

By optimizing the pre & post-purchase pages and adding product upsell & cross-sell offers, customers who may be interested in other items are more likely to make another purchase right away!

One solution for Upsell, Cross-sell, and product recommendations bundles

Use Appsell to create upsell offers and frequently bought together bundles, no need to use different apps!

Unlimited design options

Appsell offers fully customizable widgets that you can edit to match your store front with just a few clicks.

Advanced Triggers

  • Sell more by using smart triggers to match the right product upsell with the right customer.
  • Create compelling bundle offers triggered by specific products to increase average order value.

Key Features Widgets

  • Product page upsell funnels
  • Cart page upsell funnels
  • Checkout page funnels
  • Post purchase upsell funnels (one click!)
  • Thank you page upsell funnels
  • Offer a bundle discount
  • Product bundles
  • Price Discount Coupon
  • Cart page funnels
  • Product page funnels
  • Checkout page funnels
  • Thank you page funnels
  • Add reviews (Editorify integration)
  • Frequently Bought Together Bundle
  • Works out of the box with any other app or theme
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September 02, 2022
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