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Dialog Insight

Dialog Insight is a Canadian player in the field of marketing automation and personalized multichannel communications. DI develops a SaaS marketing data activation platform that orchestrates personalized marketing campaigns for email, SMS, Mobile Push, and Web Push to offer its client's contacts a rich brand experience.

Customer Data Platform

Through its Customer Data Platform capabilities, Dialog Insight clients can unify data from multiple sources into a 360-degree view of each contact. This data unification includes data from e-commerce platforms (like Shopify), CRM software, internal data with web services or automated imports, and first-party data collection through forms, activities, surveys, events, websites, and communication engagement tracking.

Data Mastery Tools

For e-commerce and retail companies, Dialog Insight's suite of data tools allows us to understand the unified contact's data through personalized and e-commerce indicators, contact engagement scoring, persona assignation, and multi-axis segmentation.

Data Operationalization

Then, within the same platform, activate those insights to orchestrate automated or multi-step campaigns that target clients at the perfect time with hyper-personalized contact and relational data content.

Shopify Extension

Our Shopify integration allows you to quickly and easily integrate your Shopify store as a new data source for contacts, transactions, abandoned carts, and products towards your DI project. From that data, you can create messages welcoming new clients, thanking customers for purchases, promoting your products to recent customers, recommending specific products to each contact or giving coupons to loyal customers. Furthermore, map the performance of your Shopify store with communications to understand your communication's ROI.

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September 27, 2022

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