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Centrally manage product data from all your suppliers.

About Easy Product Data Management

Higher Sales Conversions : Invite your suppliers so they share product data with you. Ensure increased traffic and conversions with complete and accurate product data.

Seamless Buyer Experiences : Get data directly from the source and ensure better product experiences. Sync data to your Shopify store with one click and automate tasks.

Unlimited Product Attributes : Make products more searchable and rank higher with unlimited product attributes. Your suppliers can create endless attributes for each.


Apimio Retail is an advanced PIM tool that helps you collect, organize, centralize, and manage your product information. It empowers retailers to counter complex challenges in managing and maintaining product data quality. With thousands of SKUs, multiple sources of data, and hundreds of attributes and other digital media associated with each product, retailers need a firm strategy to manage product data.

Apimio Retail helps you create rich product catalogs optimized for multichannel selling. It provides a centralized platform for retailers to collaborate with their suppliers, and communicate live product data feeds with each other.

How it Works?

Install the Apimio Retail Shopify app.

Import the product data you have listed on Shopify.

Invite your Suppliers to Apimio.

Suppliers accept your invitation request.

Suppliers add in new products, and fix entries that are incomplete. You receive a notification for those changes.

You download new data as CSV files or automatically sync the data with Shopify or other store fronts.

Key Features:

• Bulk Imports and Exports

• Automatic Synchronization and Updates

• Field Mapping: Variants, SKUs, Categories and more

• Custom Attributes

• Custom Product Types

• Digital Asset Management

• Notification and alerts

• Validators and Quality Scorers

• No Code Required

What do you get with Apimio Retail?

Centralized Product Information

Apimio PIM gives you a single dashboard to control, manage, and process your data coming in from multiple sources, making your teams more efficient and communicative.

Syndicate and Distribute Product Data in Real-Time

Export and publish data in different formats across multiple customer touch points. Automate product data distribution, removing the need to upload and share data manually, and maintaining Excel sheets that need to be sent via email and lack accuracy.

Expand Your Product Offerings

Apimio PIM gives you the freedom to expand your product catalogs and offer complex product types. Automate the onboarding of new product lines and remove manual processes.

Onboard Your Suppliers, Get Your Products to Market Faster

Retailers have multiple suppliers sending product data in differently formatted documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. With Apimio PIM, you can offer a cloud-based solution through which you can invite your suppliers who can provide you exactly the data you need, at the right time, and in the right format.

Data Quality and Consistency

Through Apimio's data validators and quality check scorers, only the most accurate data will make it to your online store. The system automatically notifies you of any incomplete or similar-looking entries and attributes so you can fix them immediately.

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December 07, 2020

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