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About AOD Product Bundle & Discount

Bundle Discounts : Setup product bundles with different type of discounts that increase your sales. Boost you average revenue with bundle offers.

Increase sales : Boost your sales quickly by using the bundle discount and see happy customers faced by creating an extensive product bundle.

Easy to use : No coding required to set up the app. The app will ready to serve you with a few clicks.

Product bundle

What do product bundles mean?

  • Product bundles are several individual goods that are sold to customers as one combined package.

  • Example: Create a bundle with two products(laptop and printer) and offer a 10% discount on both if they are purchased together. The product bundle will be displayed at discounted prices on these two product pages as a bundle.

Simple & Powerful Product Bundles/Combos with Discounts

  • Set up discounted product bundles for your Shopify store. Highly customizable and no coding is required at all. # Examples:
  • Buy product A + product B and get 10% OFF
  • Buy 2 product A and get 5% OFF, buy 3 and get 10%, buy 5 and get 20%
  • Buy product A variant X and Y 20% OFF


  • No need to sync inventory or changes
  • No duplicate variants, unlike other apps!
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Automatic Discount applied at checkout
  • Match cart with multiple bundles
  • Two ways to apply Bundle Discount 1) Draft Order 2) Discount Code
  • Create Quantity Bundle Ex. Get 5% off if product quantity is 3
  • Create a bundle with a single product & all variants.
  • Display multiple bundles anywhere on your product page by just adding a single line of code into a product page template.
  • Display bundles in any language & showcase bundles with their short description.

Variant Bundle

  • Create a bundle with a single product & its all variants.

Discount Apply method

  • Draft order
  • Discount code

Do I need Product Bundles?

  • If you want to increase the revenue on every order, YES! Product Bundles motivate your customers to buy more products for an automatic discount.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases average shopping cart value
  • Increase your conversion rates by using discounts
  • Improve sales by incentivizing customers to purchase now

Easy to setup

No coding is required to set up the app. The app will be ready to serve you with a few clicks.

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June 30, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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