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Upload Large Assets : Upload files up to 1.5GB in file size covering 30+ different file types from images, videos, music, zips, pdfs, and many more.

Digital Downloads : Assign ready made digital assets or custom assets that need tailoring to your customers needs to a product for downloading via a link

Limits & Email Configuration : Set a limit to control how many times the customer can download the asset. Also configure the email sent to the customer to mirror the brand

AnyAsset - Digital Downloads

AnyAsset allows you to upload multiple large files within your Shopify admin panel which can then be linked to within your store using a unique link, or assigned to a product to allow digital downloading when an order containing the product is placed.

Its the perfect solution for turning your store into a Digital Products store where by as orders are placed, AnyAsset will check to see if any assets exists for it and if so will automatically email the customer with the unique download link.

Max File Size: 1.5GB per file File Types: 30+ from images to videos to zips and audio files...


You can upload assets up to 1.5GB each in file size which then generates a unique link for you to use within your store. AnyAsset currently allows 30+ different file types from images, videos, music, compressed files like ZIP and RAR and more. You can then easily link to these assets via the link provided to use wherever needed.

Digital Downloads

From the list of your products, you can upload assets to each product, activate or deactivate, and set limits. When an order is placed that contains the product, an email containing a unique link is sent automatically to the customer.

AnyAsset allows you to upload multiple assets in one go using a drag and drop uploader to help speed things up. We also use a proxy on your store to allow the download link sent to the customer to take them to your store to download the files.

Custom Digital Download Asset

Upload unique assets for individual orders based on the customers needs. This allows you to sell a digital product that doesn't yet exist or needs tailoring to the customers needs and uploading it when created to fulfil the order.

Limit Control

Set a limit against any asset to help control how many times the asset can be downloaded from the digital downloads. Each digital download can use either the parent limit of the asset, or you can override the parent limit with a unique limit for a specific order, customer, or download link.

Email Configuration & Checkout Page

AnyAsset automatically sends customers an email containing a unique link for downloading the asset. You can also add downloadable links on the checkout confirmation page once the order has been completed.

We give you the tools to adjust the email body, subject, signature, from name, and from email address, button, and overall styling. This enables you to keep emails consistent with your store & brand.

Bulk Upload & Assigning

Using the bulk uploader let's you upload all your assets in one go, then generate a CSV sheet to assign each asset to a product via its SKU code. Once happy, import the CSV sheet and complete the upload. This saves you time having to manually goto each product and upload assets product by product.

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