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Engage customers with announcements, promotions, and events.

About Announceway: Customer news

Keep customers informed : Bring announcements, promotions, and product updates to customers quickly and conveniently through widgets displayed right on your shop.

Customize your design : Customize your store brand, design, look and feel of the widget professionally and easily with Announceway to match your company branding.

Improve customer retention : Engage your visitors by promoting new products, offerings, special deals, and discounts. That increases the click rate and conversions.


Why choose Announceway?

Our goal to build the app is to release the latest product updates, announcements, and promotions for the online store to your customers. That improves customer retention, increases product adoption, and engages your customers.

Promote new products

After launching a new product, you can quickly and conveniently get information to your customers by using our app. We help you post an announcement of new products on your store to attract more customers, thereby generating more orders.

Help customers to approach shop updates

In any case, you can accurately, conveniently, and quickly notify customers about the shop's updates, such as changes in order policy, return policy, or delivery policy. Not only displayed on store widgets, but we also support sending information to customers through various channels. This helps customers grasp information quickly and timely.

Collect potential customers

By offering articles, events, or promotions, you can attract customers and collect customer emails, so generating valuable customers in the future.

Collect user feedback

Find out how customers feel about the store's promotions, product updates, or events. Your customers can express their emotions by using an icon or sending you feedback about the article. From customer reviews, you can inform and improve your product.

Easy to customize branding

Each store will have its own style, we make it simple for you to customize them to your style, which makes it easy for your customers to get used to the widget and get announcements. You can customize the main color, logo by drag and drop, and no need for coding skills

Create eye-catching widgets

Create a beautiful and attractive widget for engaging visitors. Our app supports only many widget types: Sidebar, Popup, Embed, and Popover

User segmentation

User segmentation helps your articles show up to the right audience. You can limit the groups of people who can see your posts simply by using user segmentation. We support a lot of customer attributes like location, language, or you can also define them in your store.

Support multiple languages

Ordesify supports over 10 popular languages including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, French, etc. If Ordersify doesn’t support your language, you still can update your translation from the translation page or get contact us.

Support effectively

If you need help or customize the widget, please check the FAQ or contact us 24/7 via the support email or submit a ticket in the Help Center.

Upcoming features

  • Email notifications
  • Push notifications
  • Project team
  • Portal
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May 07, 2021
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