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Personalization, Popups, Cross Sell, Countdowns, Bars & More!

About Exit Popups & Upsells by Ampry

Exit-Intent Pop Ups : Save abandoning visitors with exit-intent popups. Create a sense of urgency & get your visitors to start engaging.

Product Recommendations : Show offers anywhere with upsells & cross-sells based on cart contents, best sellers, onsite behavior, & more.

Upsell & Cross-Sell : Recommend great products and offers at the right time and place using by setting up your own custom recommendation rulesets.

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The Future of Ecommerce Conversion is here.


An all-in-one no-code conversion platform to improve your store's conversion rate and increase your average order value with mobile exit popups, upsells, cross-sells, promotion countdowns, and social proof notifications.

How Ampry can help your Shopify store grow and meet your goals?

  • Build your email & SMS list
  • Stop cart abandonment
  • Promote your best deals and seasonal offers
  • Upsell & cross-sell to your existing customers
  • Help your visitors discover their perfect products
  • Increase trust with social proof notifications

What’s included in the no-code conversion platform?

  1. EMAIL CAPTURE POPUP & SMS CAPTURE POPUP: Collect email addresses and phone numbers from your visitors and grow your list exponentially.
  2. EXIT-INTENT POPUP: Target visitors who are about to leave your site to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.
  3. FREE SHIPPING BAR: Drive more sales and increase average order value with Dynamic Free Shipping Bars.
  4. INTERACTIVE POPUP: Gamify your popups and grow your email list with Drag n Drop & Spin the Wheel Popups.
  5. EXIT POPUP: Stop cart abandoners with a Cart Recovery Popup and show them an irresistible offer to prevent cart abandonment.
  6. UPSELL POPUP: Upsell & cross-sell products to customers with Dynamic Product Recommendations.
  7. WELCOME POPUP: Make a great first impression on your visitors with a welcome popup and a special discount..
  8. COUNTDOWN TIMER BAR: Increase the sense of urgency and boost your sales with a Countdown Timer Bar.
  9. SHOPPING QUIZ POPUP: Collect data about your customers and help them find the right products with a Shopping Quiz Popup.
  10. COUPON POP UP & FOLLOW-UP BAR: Promote your deals and discounts on a Coupon Popup, then use a Coupon Follow-up Bar to remind customers about their coupon codes.
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September 22, 2022
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