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Add the inventory management and order workflow to your shop

About AltheaSuite

Manage inventory in real time : While managing online shop you also manage the inventory and fulfilment workflow efficiently with AltheaSuite.

Manage customers details : As you new customers sign up on our online store they can be downloaded to AltheaSuite with single click of a button.

Manage Products : You can create products and variants in AltheaSuite and push them to online shop when you are ready to make them live in a single click.


AltheaSuite is a complete inventory and business management solution.

AltheaSuite is a cloud based solution that works on all devices that can run a web browser. This modern solution is designed to offer you complete functionality on your mobile phone as well as your desktop computers of Windows and MAC.

  1. Inventory Management

    • Keep track of everything that is coming in and going out in real time.
    • Manage workflow of pending orders and stream line fulfillment workflow
    • Assign responsibilities to individuals for better workflow execution
    • Manage multiple warehouses
  2. Purchases

    • Smart stock levels. Predefine safety stock levels.
    • AltheaSuite will auto suggest the purchase orders you need to place.
    • Check stock availability based on pending orders.
  3. Sales

    • Download all invoices from your online shop with a single click of a button
    • Check the profitability for each invoice using the COGS maintained by AltheaSuite
    • Manage complex taxation with ease in AltheaSuite
    • Easy to use decision tree UI
    • Handle various payment modes for a single invoice
    • Email payment links to customers
  4. Integrated Shipping

    • AltheaSuite offers Integrated shipping functionality with ShipStation and UPS
    • Generate shipping estimates and also print final shipping labels directly from within AltheaSuite
    • Manage international shipping
    • Track fulfillment due dates, match the customer expectations with AltheaSuite workflow
  5. Product Catalog

    • Unlimited levels in product categorization
    • Multiple customized view of product catalog
    • Manage product variants, bundles, kits and BOMs
    • Manage Lot Numbers and Expiration dates
    • Manage serial numbers of electronic and other appliances
  6. Pick / Pack and Dispatch

    • Create pick lists, optionally assign to specific people
    • Fulfill single order from multiple warehouses
    • Create multiple invoices from a single order
  7. Analytics and Reports

    • Get detailed reports on data in AltheaSuite
    • Customized Reports
    • KPIs and very informative dashboard
  8. Finance Books

    • Detailed financial transactions
    • Financial Reports
    • Manage customer aging payments
  9. Manufacturing

    • Define multiple level of BOMs
    • Define detailed manufacturing processes
    • Execute manufacturing processes with easy with workflows
    • Manage COGS, prices based on each process execution
    • Estimate what can be manufactured based on raw material stock in hand
    • Places purchase orders based on sales orders for the final manufactured goods
  10. Barcode Stickers

    • Integrated with barcode readers
    • Design and print your own barcode stickers
  11. Additional Integrations

    • QuickBooks Desktop and Online
    • ShipStation, UPS
    • Stripe, Square,
    • Hubspot
    • Email and Text Messages
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Launch date
April 19, 2022

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