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About Alt Text King

Boost SEO & Improve Sales! : Help search engine crawlers to see correct variant details & improve variant image rankings on Google image searches, boosting SEO notably.

Auto Sync. Set and Forget! : Optimize alt texts of all product variant images with a click. The app syncs daily to ensure new product images have SEO friendly alt texts.

Configurable alt text template : Create customized alt text strings for all your product images using a configurable template with information like product title, variants..

Alt Taxt King by StarApps Studio

Search engines lack the ability to decipher images, rather they rely on alt text to understand what the images on your Shopify store are. With proper Alt Texts attributed to your product images - your product images become more accessible on the web & rank better on Google image searches, furthermore, your product pages get indexed and ranked better in various search engines like Google. This combined effect in turn boosts your traffic & conversions!

Alt Text King assigns alt texts(alt tags) to all product images with a single click, improving traffic and conversions.

  • Alt Text King has a unique feature that empowers the app to include correct VARIANT details in the alt-text of all product images.
  • Alt Text King provides a number of variables that you can used to create a rule for Alt Texts. E.g. {variant}, {product_title}, {product_type}, {product_tags} etc.
  • This Alt Text app automatically updates Alt Texts every day for all the updated or newly added product images. Once enabled, you gotta set and forget!

What variables are available to use in Alt Text?

Choose from these ready to use variables to create an Alt Text template in the app:

  • {product_title}
  • {variant}
  • {product_type}
  • {product_vendor}
  • {fulfilment_service}
  • {product_tags}

Moreover, we run on your feedback. So, please do not hesitate to request us for a variable or any feature that you think should be present in the app.

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August 09, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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